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Dental Treatments

Initial Examination

Each patient that we have the privilege to serve is entitled to and will receive a thorough examination. This examination includes necessary x-rays, diagnostic models, and an oral examination as required to make an accurate analysis of your mouth. An estimate of the fee involved will be given.

Periodic examination

We share the desire of all our patients to minimize the need for extensive dental treatment. This can only be done by regular examinations which detect dental disease before it becomes extensive.

Cosmetic dental solutions

Crowns, also called caps,  can be used in place of veneers to make a crooked smile appear straighter, to repair broken or damaged teeth or to cover a bridge or implant. The tooth surface is reduced, then covered with a custom cap in porcelain, porcelain bonded to metal, or another durable substance. Crowns are sometimes used side-by-side with veneers in a full-mouth restorative procedure

Cosmetic fillings The dentist will anaesthetise the tooth. The tooth will be prepared and cleaned and the white filling is placed in the ‘increments’ and cured (set) with a blue light.

The composite is then carved into the replica of a natural tooth.

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