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Our Fees

There are no hidden surprises

Our fees reflect the advanced skills of our dentists and ceramist technicians. We use only the very finest dental materials and dental equipment. Every patient will be presented a full treatment plan (with all options available), a clear explanation of fees and finance options. There are no hidden surprises.

Examination Price
Registered adult patients £28.00
Children under ten years £15.00
Children over ten years £20.00
New patients £45.00
Emergency consultation £45.00


X-rays Price
One £10.50
Two £21.00


Scale and polish Price
One visit £48.50


Periodontal Gum Treatment Price
Per quadrant £90.00


Composite (white) fillings Price
Anterior teeth £60 - £120
Posterior teeth £80 - £180
Glass lonomer fillings from £42


Amalgam (silver) fillings Price
from £65 - £120


Root canal treatment Price
Incisors/canines £280.00
Premolars £295.00
Molars £395.00


Crowns Price
Full gold £580.00
Porcelain bonded £520.00
All porcelain from £600.00


Dentures Price
Full acrylic denture each £550.00
High impact each £680.00
Chrome cobalt each £950.00
Partial acrylic denture each £350.00


Tooth whitening Price


Extractions Price
from £90.00



For fees not detailed above, please contact the practice directly.

Please note that late cancellations will be charged at £30 - £60.

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